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Honorary Members

Honorary Members of Spring 2018

An "Honorary Member" is a current University Ambassador entering their last semester at Texas State University. These members will graduate in May of 2018. This page is dedicated to them and their hard work and dedication to our organization and university.

Jesus Rangel

Member since Fall 2014 - President 

Adriana Sanchez

Member Since Fall 2014 - Vice President of Admissions 

Tasia Irvin

Member since Fall 2014 - Secretary 

Annie Bryant

Member Since Fall 2014 

Cynthia Jacobo Sandoval

Member Since Fall 2015 

Evelyn Benavides

Member Since Fall 2014

Hunter Taylor

Member Since Spring 2015

Jose Palacios

Member since Spring 2015

Joshua Terrazas

Member since Fall 2017 

Katie Super

N'Deye Ndiaye

Member since Fall 2014

Rickeva Smith

Member Since Fall 2015 

Sara Lange

Member Since Fall 2017